"Our masterclasses and courses offer hairstylists, makeup artists, and hairdressers the opportunity to acquire knowledge and technical skills in styling Afro and Multi-textured hair." MG



 In January 2020, Garande Academy was established with a focus on providing exclusive, intensive training in Afro and Multi-textured Curly hair for hairstylists and makeup artists in salons, TV, film, and theater both in the UK and internationally.


Education on Demand


Garande Academy was founded by Hair Educator and Hairstylist, Michelle Garande. With a deep passion for creativity and hairstyling, Michelle has left her indelible mark on the Afro hairdressing industry since beginning her career in 2012.

Michelle's aspiration is to ensure that those who train with Garande Academy gain the knowledge, skills, and experience required to become experts and specialists in styling, dressing, and caring for Afro and Multi-textured hair.

Who have we trained?


Universities, Colleges, Academies, Theatre shows, TV productions, Salons, we have had the pleasure of providing continuous training for them all.